Can an abortion decrease my future fertility?

Women who consult abortion clinics are, with few exceptions, very fertile and will remain fertile after their abortion.

Medication abortion, also called medical abortion, does not require any surgical handling in more than 95% of cases, so the risk of complications that may affect your fertility is extremely low.
Surgical abortion is also very safe and the rate of major complications that could affect your fertility is very low, around 0.1% (1 per 1000). The rate of complications increases with the number of weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, the ideal scenario is to consult us early, while making sure you do it when YOU are ready.

The main factor that may compromise your fertility is not abortion but your age, because fertility decreases exponentially after age 35. Complications from STDs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea and certain diseases such as endometriosis are next on the list of causes of infertility.