Medical or Surgical Abortion? Know the Pros and Cons to choose the method that suits you.

Medical Abortion

  1. Pro: Most women who choose medical abortion are surprised by the easy process and would opt for this method again if necessary. 95% of women who choose medical abortion will avoid the possible risks of surgery.
  2. Pro: It respects your privacy since the abortion will take place at home and you will be surrounded by those you have selected to support you during that time.
  3. Con: A medical abortion is exactly like a natural miscarriage, which means that abdominal cramps and possible heavy bleeding are to be expected. You might have to go to the clinic or the emergency room if the bleeding and cramps become too intense.
  4. Con: If absenteeism from work or school is a problem for you, a medical abortion is not a good choice as a minimum of 2 visits is necessary and sometimes more in 5 to 10% of cases.
  5. Con: If no one knows about your abortion, a medical abortion is not a good option as someone must be present with you at home while the pregnancy is being expelled. The same applies if you are caring for young children on your own or if you are planning on taking a trip in the month following the abortion.
  6. Con: If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder that is not fully controlled, this method comes with less certainty, therefore more anxiety.

Surgical Abortion

  1. Pro: If you have a busy schedule, if surgery does not worry you and you want a quick procedure (surgery takes approximately 10 minutes, with a total visit time of approximately 3 hours) this method is for you. One visit only and a very low complication rate (1 to 2%).
  2. Pro: If you are worried about pain and bleeding, this method is often painless and post-operative bleeding is usually light.
  3. Con: Even though it is a minor one, it still is technically a surgery which comes with the risks inherent to it. In about 1% of cases, there is the possibility that a second procedure might be necessary in the following weeks due to tissue retention. There is a very low risk of uterine perforation, hemorrhage, reaction to anesthesia, infection or intrauterine adhesions (scar tissue in the uterus).
  4. Con: You cannot drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours following the procedure.

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